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Sustainable living shouldn’t be for just one day. It’s for every day. That’s why we’re making it effortless and rewarding for you and your family to go green. With products and solutions that fit into different aspects of your life — from your home to your daily transport and purchases, to investing for the future.

Green living starts with the right choices. You can achieve it with our suite of green products and solutions that are made simple for you to save more and waste less.


Home, Green Home

With more of us working from home, it’s natural that we consume more energy. No sweat, a few simple changes can make a big difference every day.

From air conditioning to multiple devices, switching over to a green electricity provider on DBS Utilities Marketplace - let's enjoy them all, guilt-free.

Renovating your home? Enjoy more savings when you fulfil the requirements of the green renovation checklist, developed in collaboration with Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), or install green energy infrastructure such as solar panels from iSwitch and Keppel Electric (coming soon) with our green renovation loans.

Make your home green


Live Fresh, Spend Green

There’s a bonus in our everyday choices when we shop, dine, and travel. Saving the environment can save you money too.

DBS Live Fresh Card is Singapore’s first eco-friendly credit card made from 85.5% recycled plastic – and it gives you an additional 5% Green Cashback on selected Eco-Eateries, Retailers and Transport Services.

Looking to cultivate a greener eating habit? You can now shop green labelled products on RedMart and enjoy up to S$15 off your orders with your DBS /POSB Card. This is part of our ongoing partnership programme to reduce food waste, inspired by our recent collaboration with RedMart and Audra Morrice (a first in Singapore) to save ‘ugly food’ – with a specially curated bundle box with tips on how to use the ingredients, plus a special recipe from Audra.

Live fresh and green now

Did you know?
As the only bank partner for MasterChef, we curated the DBS x RedMart GoodChef Bundle and Green Labelled themed campaign which has reached out to over 1.3 million customers and yielded 1,022kg of sustainable consumption.

In 2020, we were the first bank to say yes to NEA’s ‘Say Yes to Waste Less’ campaign. We reached out to 800,000 DBS/POSB customers, who reduced close to 7,000kg of food waste through Chope’s Last Hour Deals programme.


Go Green, On the Go

Cutting down our carbon emissions by choosing cleaner modes of transport can help to tackle climate change.

Purchase your next electric vehicle with our green car loan, and we’ll plant-a-tree on your behalf, as part of our collaboration with NPark’s One Million Trees movement.

Need to drive occasionally? Try car-sharing with BlueSG, Singapore’s first electric vehicle car sharing platform. Have your first-month subscription fees waived, plus enjoy 30-minute of free rental usage with your DBS/POSB cards.

Drive the change now

Did you know?
In 2020, DBS/POSB Cardmembers took more than 1,360 tons in carbon (CO2) emissions off the road, while clocking close to 18 million kilometers with BlueSG.


Invest in a Better Future

Growing your money doesn’t have to be at the expense of the environment. When you invest in companies that work for a sustainable future, it can provide returns that aren’t in just dollars and cents.

Ninety One Global Environment Fund BNP Paribas Global Environment Fund

The Ninety One Global Environment Fund focuses on companies contributing to positive environmental change and favours those operating in services, infrastructures, technologies and resources related to environmental sustainability.

The Fund employs:

  • Active, high conviction portfolio of 20-40 companies focusing on companies which are contributing to positive environmental change through sustainable decarbonization.
  • Renewable Energy, Electrification and Resource Efficiency are the key investment themes of the fund.
  • Geographically diversified to capture best opportunities around the world.
  • In addition to financial analysis, ESG factors are vigorously reviewed during the bottom-up stock selection process. The team also actively engages with the companies held to monitor and improve their environmental impact.

The BNP Paribas Global Environment lets us invest and support a group of companies that respect the principles of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and corporate governance.

The Fund employs:

  • Active, high conviction portfolio of 50 to 65 companies focusing on Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Food, Waste Management/Pollution Control, and Water Infrastructure & Technologies
  • Bottom-up, research-intensive: Emphasis on strong fundamentals, growth potential and also taking into account of ESG factors.
  • Applies a quarterly thematic overlay, to incorporate macro views as part of the portfolio construction process.

Make a sound investment

On Funds Search, please select Theme New Energy or Theme Sustainable in the ‘All Geographies/Theme’ field to know more about the respective funds.

All investments come with risks and not all funds are appropriate for every investor. If you have any questions about the fund, wealth planning, or our suite of investment advisory and discretionary portfolio management services, please seek assistance from your closest Branch/ Relationship Manager.
Please refer to the DBS Investment Disclaimer for further details


From a Green Lifestyle to Green Habits

Eco-friendly tips made simple for you to cultivate at home.


Sustainability Beyond Our Solutions

Our commitment to create a more sustainable and inclusive society goes beyond our products. Find out how else we're making an impact for a better world.

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