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Planning for the family shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s talk about teaching our kids, providing for our family, and nurturing those financial goals.

There are a ton of online parenting groups out there. Still, only a handful focus on the importance of financial planning for young families in Singapore. The rising costs of childcare, healthcare, and education are just some of the many concerns parents have. Do you find yourself scrambling to find the best tips amidst the endless amount of information available on the web?

Put that together with ensuring a healthy work-life balance, AND devoting time to raising kids with good moral and financial values, that’s a lot to juggle!

Fret not. Join POSB Parents or search “POSB Parents” on Facebook for some moral support and helpful nuggets of wisdom shared by other parents and us in the community. You’ll be surprised at how many parents find comfort in engaging with like-minded individuals in a comfortable online setting. Through insightful conversations, you’ll discover cool tips and child-friendly hacks that’ll nudge everyone towards a brighter financial future. Learn from one another so you can confidently take the necessary steps for your family.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tips on how to incorporate good saving habits, smart spending, and develop financial literacy in your children. Start the learning on good financial habits as soon as they can count! You’ll find that they’ll learn and are less likely to indulge in unnecessary expenses in school. 😉
  • Financial planning for couples that tackle setting a family budget, agreeing on financial goals, and working out a plan to reach those milestones! Cutting back on unnecessary bills and needless luxuries can free up a lot of your money, which can easily bring you closer to your financial goals! Like your ideal retirement plan, perhaps?
  • Contest and giveaways when you help a fellow mum or dad out. It's always good to lend a helping hand and give back to the community. And you just might get rewarded for that! 😊
  • Family-friendly community events to connect with other parents. We're more than just an online community - Participate in our meet ups to stay connected!

#WalkTheParentingTalk and provide well for your family’s future!

Psst! Are you a parent, or becoming one? Planning for the family shouldn’t be too complicated! Join POSB Parents and pick up tips on financial literacy for kids and family financial planning in a tight-knit community here!


The Burrow

Join The Burrow or search "The Burrow DBS" on Facebook, and be empowered to make better financial decisions alongside others, just like yourself. #growwiththeburrow

As a community member, you’ll get exclusive access to:

  • Money management content
  • Life hacks to unlock the full potential of your investments and savings
  • Exclusive contests to up your financial literacy game
  • Awesome community events to connect with like-minded individuals

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It's time to make our money work harder for us! See you there!