Get up to S$135 in cash rewards and enjoy simple banking online when you move to POSB digibank from POSB jolly and SMS banking.

At A Glance

Still relying on POSB jolly/SMS Banking for your banking transactions? It’s time to move to POSB digibank, for a simple and more secure way to bank online. From topping up your prepaid SIM card to sending money home instantly, you will have all the services you need (and more) at your fingertips!

What’s more, move to POSB digibank now and stand to earn cash rewards of up to S$135!

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How to earn cash rewards

From now until 31 October 2021, all you’ve got to do is stop using POSB jolly/SMS Banking and meet the following requirements to qualify for cash rewards.

Selected SMS Banking customers

  • S$5 cash reward
    - Register for digibank and set up Digital Token.

    Limited to the first 10,000 customers only. T&Cs apply.

SMS Banking and existing digibank customers

  • S$10 monthly cash reward, from 1 Aug to 31 Oct 2021
    - Top up your mobile prepaid SIM card via digibank.
    - Have no POSB jolly/SMS Banking transactions in that month.

    Limited to the first 2,500 customers of each month only. T&Cs apply.

  • BONUS: S$100 cash reward
    - Top up your mobile prepaid SIM card via digibank.
    - Have no POSB jolly/SMS Banking transactions between 1 Aug to 31 Oct 2021.

    Limited to the first 150 customers only. T&Cs apply.

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Just what you need with POSB digibank Simple Mode

We believe that online banking should be fuss-free and effortless. With POSB digibank Simple Mode, you will enjoy quicker access to the usual banking services you need from the moment you log in.

Check Rates
in foreign currency.

Overseas Transfer
to send money home instantly

Top up prepaid card
on the go.

Local Transfer
to send money to your friends and family here.

to send and receive money

Scan & Pay
at places all over Singapore

Plus, with over 150 online services available from your mobile phone, you can get more banking done securely anytime, anywhere! After all, less time on banking means more time for the other things in life.

Experience the simple way to bank online

As POSB jolly will cease soon, move to POSB digibank to continue sending money home seamlessly

Download POSB digibank now

Register for digibank

Enrolling is easier now with digibankingNEW

Apply Now

Topping up your mobile prepaid card via digibank

  1. Log in to POSB digibank mobile
  2. Tap Top Up Prepaid Card
  3. Select your Telco and enter your mobile prepaid number
  4. Enter your top up denomination amount and select your fund source
  5. Review your Top Up details and tap Top Up Now

For more details on POSB digibank step-by-step user guide in your preferred language

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am POSB digibank user, do I still qualify?

Yes you do, but you must be a Work Permit Account holder and have had used POSB jolly/SMS Banking previously.

When will I get my cash rewards?

Cash reward will be credited into your POSB savings accounts by the last working day of the following month. If the last working day falls on a Sunday or Public Holiday, it will be credited by the next working day.

How much would I need to top up to qualify?

There is no minimum top up needed, any amount would allow you to qualify.

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