Apply for DBS Cashline
If you are new to DBS/POSB Bank, you can apply for DBS Cashline with us online. For existing customers, application can be made easily via digibank.
Eligibility for DBS Cashline Application
To apply for DBS Cashline, you will need to be above 21 years of age and earn a gross annual income of S$30k as a Singaporean or Permanent Resident.
Cancel Cashline Account
Cancel your Cashline easily through our new digital banking service.
Apply for POSB Personal Loan
Take up a personal loan using your available credit limit easily via chat banking.
Unavailability of CPF Web-Linkup Service
The "Authorise CPF" option via the CPF Web-Linkup service, for our customers to provide their proof of income information will no longer be available from 30 June 2020.
Pay DBS Cashline Bill
There are many ways you can pay your cashline bill. The fastest way to make an immediate bill payment to your DBS Cashline is via digibank Online.
Revised Unsecured Credit Rules by MAS
Due to MAS regulations on Balance-To-Income (BTI) ratio, your unsecured credit facilities limit cannot exceed 12 times of your monthly income.
DBS Cashline Annual Fee
An annual fee of S$120 (waived for first year) is charged on a yearly basis for your DBS Cashline.
DBS Cashline Late Fee
A late payment fee of S$120 will be levied on your DBS Cashline if the minimum payment is not received by the payment due date.
DBS Cashline Interest Rate
The effective interest rates for your DBS Cashline is based on your gross annual income. 20.5% per annum for gross annual income above S$30,000.
DBS Cashline Interest Charge
Interest will be charged daily once a withdrawal from your DBS Cashline is made, subjected to a minimum interest of S$10 per month on your outstanding balance.
Repricing Home Loan Rates
Explore repricing your existing DBS Home Loan for interest savings or switch to a loan package that best suits your current need.
Documents Required for Revision of Loan Period
Find out how to obtain and submit the documents required.
Repay Home Loan using CPF Funds
Learn how you can use CPF Funds for your Home Loan partial repayment request.
Revise CPF Monthly Repayment
Learn how to revise your CPF monthly repayment amount through CPF website using your SingPass.
Check Home Loan Interest for Tax Filing
Find out the total interest charged for last year on your home loan in your DBS/POSB December Consolidated Statement or eStatement via digibank Online.
Budgeting for your home
Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or moving on to your next one, do the sums for your next home easily. From affordability to cashflow management, map out your finances and key milestones with our suite of planning tools.
Deposit Cash to Share Financing Account
You can transfer cash into your Share Financing account via digibank or deposit cheque.
Request for Cashline Statement
Need your Cashline statement for reconciliation purposes? Submit your request instantly.
Change Cashline Billing Cycle
Wish to align your Cashline payment due dates for bill payment planning purposes? Submit your request instantly.