General Help

DBS & POSB Swift Code
To receive funds from an overseas party, you are required to provide DBS / POSB Bank's Swift Code DBSSSGSG.
Bank & Branch Code
POSB/DBS's Bank code is 7171. All POSB accounts have a standard branch code of 081 while DBS accounts' branch code is the first 3 digits of the account number.
Common Reporting Standards (CRS)
Common Reporting Standards is an international agreement to exchange financial account information in tax matters to identify account holders who are tax residents of other participating jurisdictions.
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is an international standard to gather and exchange financial account information related primarily to US taxpayers.
digibot Services
Avoid waiting on the line! Did you know that our digibot is able to perform transactional requests like check pending transactions, check cheque status, enquire on reward points and many more?
Guide to Using the Video Teller Machine
Banking just got simpler with 24/7 access to banking services at our Video Teller Machines. Find out more!
Use SMS "Q"
Get a Branch "Q" number via SMS and get notified when your turn is near, no more waiting in line at the branch!
Update Address
Change your address with us easily via digibank, Myinfo or using our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Update Email Address
Change your email address with us easily via digibank, Myinfo or using our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Update Mobile Number
Change your mobile number with us immediately via digibank, Myinfo or using our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Update Personal Details
Update your Personal Details, Signature Records or Passport Number (for foreigners) if you have recently changed it.
Update Payment & Transfer Alerts
Customise your alert preferences via digibank online. Stay alert when you perform digital payments and transfers via ATM or digibank today.
DBS Security Guide on Scams and Fraud Attempts
Find out what you should do and how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim to an alleged scam or fraud attempt.
Keeping Your Card Safe
Learn how you can better secure your Card information with our useful tips.
Travel & Shop Safely
Learn how you can have an ease of mind when you shop overseas with our useful tips.
Online Safety
Learn how you can secure your computer from phishing and intrusions with our useful tips.
Wogi Digital Voucher
Learn more on how you can redeem your e-voucher.